Our Covenant

As a member of Grace Baptist Church, I covenant to be…

Theologically Grounded

I understand and will faithfully uphold the teaching of the Statement of Faith.

Faithful in Spiritual Disciplines

I will maintain a close relationship with the Lord Jesus through regular Bible reading, prayer, Christian fellowship, church attendance, and participation in the ordinances.

I will submit to discipline by God through His Holy Spirit, follow biblical procedures for church discipline in my relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ, and submit to righteous discipline when approached biblically by brothers and sisters in Christ under the authority of His church.

Submitted to Scripture

I will submit to Scripture as the final judge on all issues and protect Grace Baptist Church from turning from its faithfulness to the Word of God.

A Wise Steward

I will steward my time, talents, and treasure through sacrificial, cheerful, voluntary, and regular service, participation in community, and financial giving.

Unified with the Body of Christ

I will pursue unity within the church, through brotherly affection, sacrificial service, loving confrontation, and biblical church discipline.

I will seek God’s help to abstain from gossip, backbiting, and divisiveness.

I will take seriously the responsibility of Christian freedom, being especially aware of actions or situations that could present a stumbling block to another.

Obedient in My Daily Walk

I will walk, by God’s grace and through the power of the Holy Spirit, in a manner worthy of Christ, striving to put to death those actions and attitudes which do not conform with the character of Christ or the holiness of God, forsaking worldliness and ungodliness in all my affections and actions.

I will refrain from intoxication and the illegal use of drugs, as well as the promotion of illegal drugs and intoxication.

I will preserve the gift of marriage by reserving all sexual expression for my spouse within the confines of heterosexual marriage, seeking to preserve the gift of marriage by pursuing biblical reconciliation instead of divorce and refusing the option of divorce unless biblically warranted.

A Godly Parent

I will raise my children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord and to cooperate with the church as the pillar and buttress of truth in its indispensable role in the encouragement of Christian discipleship.

Committed to the Great Commission

I will commit to promote the advancement of the gospel in my neighborhood, my city, my nation, and my world.