Our Distinctives

Nothing raises eyebrows quite like someone telling you about his or her church, especially if that church is one of those crazy Baptist churches! At Grace, we like to say that there are three characteristics that describe our church.

We love the gospel.

The gospel is good news about Jesus being punished in the place of sinners. We believe this is central to our identity as a church. We are passionate about accurately and faithfully presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ as the basis of a right relationship with God.

We love the Bible.

There's nothing greater than knowing God personally. The Bible is the tool which God used to show himself to us so we can know him. Our church is focused on reading, knowing, preaching, and obeying God's word.

We love each other.

We are a bunch of sinners who have nothing to brag about but Jesus and what he's done. When the rubber meets the road, apart from what Jesus has done for us, we are all in the same boat as sinners in need of mercy! We don't expect anyone to be perfect; in fact, if we believe the Bible, we expect people to be far from perfect. As a church family we want to see people from all backgrounds joining together to encourage each other not to be perfect but to be growing.